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It is the key to understanding to world around us. More than just sunning ourselves on a beach somewhere for two weeks of the year. Travel is about opening ones eyes to the world, making connections with locals & other travellers, learning and evolving our ideas of culture. The more we travel. The more we learn about ourselves, our fellow human beings. Expanding ones mind through travel is the ultimate goal and we are BIG believers in this as a way to grow as individuals and as the human race.



As a World: We Travel

We are Max and Elize. We are a couple of passionate travellers who put together a travel blog to share all our stories, tips and insight about travelling the world. We’ve both been passionate travellers for the best part of the last decade and we see no better way for sharing our passion for travel with the world than to write about. We married a few months ago and are currently living in Chiang Mai, Thailand were we are setting ourselves up as digital nomads. Growing a website and an online business is hard work and there’s no better place in the world to do it than from Thailand were we can live cheaply, focus on our work and take breaks for massages!



The More We Travel, The Better

Once we have our income streams flowing at a steady pass we are planning on travelling around South East Asia, a place we’ve known and loved in the past. It’s cheap and easy to navigate, with lovely beaches and food and outstanding local people. Indonesia calls and a big motorbike trip around is definitely something we would like to do. We are all about going outside our comfort zone and experiencing things from a local perspective as well as enjoying the beautiful beach resorts in places like Bali.

After South East Asia our plan is to head across to South America, via a brief stop in Europe, to travel for 12 months and really get to know the continent. Learning Spanish is high on our to do list so we’ll probably start in Peru or Ecuador with a few weeks in a language school. Though this is a ways off, we are still planning and thinking about it extensively.

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