4 Reasons to Choose a Cruise on the Mediterranean For Your Next Vacation

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4 Reasons to Choose a Cruise on the Mediterranean For Your Next Vacation

Holidays are a time to seek out relaxation, rejuvenation and luxury while away from home. Find all of this and so much more on a cruise along Turkey’s coastline in the gorgeous Mediterranean Sea.

Sail on A Traditional Turkish Gulet


If you want to sail the Mediterranean in the upmost in style and comfort, choose a Turkey luxury yacht charter  to create a home away from home out on the crystal clear water. Featuring beautifully furnished and air-conditioned cabins with full-equipped private bathrooms and spacious living areas with TVs and DVD players, this yacht ensures all the daily necessities perfect for you and your family.

The deck area is the perfect area for sunning on lush sunbeds, spreading out a mat for some yoga, or just relaxing and enjoying an afternoon cocktail as you gaze out at the magnificent coastlines and sunsets. Many of the yachts have a Jacuzzi on deck for a perfect evening relaxation underneath a sky full of stars.

Step Back in Time at Medieval Castles and Ancient Lycian ruins



Lycian ruins dotted along many sites seen on the cruises, however, one most outstanding spots is located in Fethiye. The Lycians lived in Turkey thousands of years ago and there isn’t much known about this era of history, but  the tombs carved into a cliff overlooking Fethiye date back to approximately 350 BC. They are easy to spot and extra spectacular (and photogenic) in the late afternoon as they glow orange in the sunlight. Alternatively, a beautiful night-viewing is possible as they are lit up in the evening by floodlights making them really eye-catching.

Not all these treasures are on the Turkish side, however, as the Greek Islands are loaded with history as well. One extraordinary site for Medieval history is the Street of the Knights in the old town of Rhodes Island, Greece. It is one of the most renowned medieval streets in the world and is home to the ancient buildings that were the lodgings and inns of the knights of the 14th century. There are seven inns representing the knights’ seven origins.

Fill Up On Delicious Turkish Cuisine



The chefs on Alaturka Turkey have been continuously praised for serving up absolutely delectable dishes on board. Every morning starts with a classic Turkish breakfast including a wide variety of jams and honey, olives and salads topped with olive oil and feta, fresh local eggs, and freshly made breads.

Lunch is also a delicious sampling of traditional Turkish foods – eggplant and peppers cooked in tomato sauce, yogurt –based dips, locally-sourced fresh veggies served with rice and breads.  Every afternoon there is a chai break with tea and coffee served with some cookies and pastries – a great way to refuel with all the activity of the day.

And, last but certainly not least, is BBQ dinners. The chef grills up mouthwatering, freshly caught fish, lamb chops, and much more. The dinners onboard are likely to rival as some of the best food you will experience in Turkey.

Seek Adventure and Romance



The boat is equipped with snorkeling gear and canoes/kayaks for all your impromptu adventure needs. The cruises are packed with opportunities to get out and explore the coral reefs and underwater ancient ruins. If you are seeking adventure, there is nothing better than paragliding in Fethiye. Jump off the 2,000 meter Babadag Mountain to take in the breathtaking sights of Oludeniz Beach and the Blue Lagoon. This is bound to be one of the most exciting parts of the trip with amazing photos as well.

But, what is a cruise along the Mediterannean without a little romance? Or a little quiet “me-time”? The beauty of hoppping on a cruise is that you get access to those hidden little spots that wouldn’t be able to venture to by yourself. One great spot for adventure and romance is Kizil Ada (Red Island). Here you can enjoy swimming in the crystal turquoise waters, and discover the rocks for some diving fun. The island is covered in small red pebbles that light up the beach at sunset creating a glowing effect on the stones and surrounding water.

Head up to the top of the lone lighthouse, the only outstanding structure on the beach, and indulge in a beautiful seafood dinner while overlooking the breathtaking effect of the sun on the beach while sipping on local raki or wine.

Written by Lauren DeGarmo for Alaturka Cruises

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