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Best Turkish Coastal Resorts

Turkey is hugely popular as a summer holiday destination, not least because it’s cheap! The saying that you ‘get what you pay for’ isn’t true here, because the cost could be much higher and the resorts dotted around this huge country would still be worth it.

You’ll find most of the tourist resorts on the south coast, and this is where the bargain generally are. Here are a few you might like to consider.


I am currently living in Marmaris, so maybe I’m bias, but I love the place. Full of life, but not overly so, Marmaris is perfectly placed to explore the Dalaman region, with home comforts too. Because it is a very popular tourist resort, it’s not overly Turkish, although head away from the main streets and you’ll see day to day Turkish life. Long Beach is, typically, long and sweeping, meaning there’s always a sun-lounger, with plentiful water-sports to cool down in the sometimes stifling Turkish summer heat.


Next to Marmaris you have Icmeler, family-friendly and boasting a beautiful beach. Despite living in Marmaris, I often venture over to Icmeler to use the beach, because it’s wider and cleaner than Marmaris. Huge green hills and mountains run down towards the sea, where Icmeler is nestled in an arc-shape; it’s a really pretty resort, and again, well placed to explore further, with a good bus network.


Bodrum doesn’t actually have a beach of its own but Gumbet is nearby and that has a large sandy beach. Bodrum itself is quite sophisticated and cultural, with a very popular castle high on the hills, with a fantastic panoramic view. You can even head over to Greece for the day from here.


Now bear in mind that Gumbet is Turkey’s Club 18-30’s destination, so if you want very loud night-life then this is the place for you. Gumbet is generally about the beach and the night-life, although the countryside around the area is very pretty, and it’s easy to get to Bodrum for the day too.


Not far from Izmir, you will find Kusadasi. Kusadasi is a typical Turkish beach resort, with a large bazaar, or market, beach, night-life, restaurants, excursions, and a pretty harbour area. Night-life here is varied, so you will find something for families, singles, and couples alike.


Further to the east from the Dalaman region you will find Alanya. To get to this particular resort you need to fly to Antalya Airport, and a day or two in the city itself is definitely recommended. Alanya is a large resort, so you will need to take advantage of the bus network to get around the resort itself. The beach is large and wide, sandy, and perfect for a summer cool down with plenty of water-sports. You’ll find many Turkish restaurants that you simply must try, and the usual shopping opportunities.

You might say that one Turkish coastal resort is the same as another, and in some ways you’d be right, however each has a slightly individual flavour. One thing they all have in common however is Turkish hospitality. You will find making friends easy, and locals will go out of their way to make you feel welcome, provided you are respectful and at least try and say a few words of the local language, even if you do pronounce it wrong!

Photo Credit: Jason. Tabarias via photopin cc

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