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Corsica & Sardinia – Jewels of the Med

Glittering islands are dotted around the sun-drenched Mediterranean, perfect for a summer getaway and an ideal chance to top up that tan. Corsica and Sardinia are two of the more sophisticated destinations that sit snugly in the sunshine of the Med, and make for two perfect, yet slightly different holidays. You could of course decide to visit both, and considering they’re only 11km apart at their closest point, this shouldn’t be too difficult!

Corsica belongs to France, and Sardinia belongs to Italy, but despite that you can expect identical hot climates. This is however where the similarities end, as both have totally different make ups.

Let’s talk Corsica first.

We mentioned that Corsica is French, however if we’re going to compare, it is much less developed in terms of tourism, unlike Sardinia. Corsica is wilder in terms of its landscapes, with white sand beaches and no buildings in sight. The law here doesn’t allow building within the coastal area, which makes for amazingly beautiful beach photography. Palombaggia near Porto Vecchio is a stunning beach to visit, and a must do, as well as a day in the capital, Ajaccio.

Corsica is a good choice for anyone wanting to get into nature, within a beach-like setting. The island is fantastic for hiking and cycling, and is home to the GR 20, a long distance trail which snakes around the island – not one for the unfit! To tie in with that, the island is home to countless camp sites, making this a cheap way of exploring.

Sardinia however is a whole different ball game. More expensive, more developed, and more touristic, Sardinia is a billionaire’s playground, especially on the Emerald Coast. The island is also amazing for food fans, with delicious cuisine to try, especially in the capital, Cagliari.

Sardinia is the second largest island in the Med, and because of that it has a thriving sailing and yacht culture. The Chia region, or the Isle of San Pietro offer a more natural kind of base for your break, however you won’t be far away from a bobbing million dollar boat in the distance.

Both islands have stunning natural backdrops in common, and despite the relative high cost of visiting, when you compare to some of the other islands around the region, countless visitors flock to the sunshine of Corsica and Sardinia every year. Glamour and laid-back sophistication oozes from both islands, and all without that try too hard kind of label.

Jewels of the Med? Most certainly.

Photo Credit: bass_nroll via photopin cc

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