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Is Cruising for You?


Travel is a massive subject in our lives these days, and whether you’re dreaming of where you’re going to head off to next, or you’re booking your next jaunt, it’s always a good idea to explore somewhere new, to have original experiences and to see just how unique the world is from region to region. A great way to notice these differences, whilst having a damn good time, is to head off on a cruise holiday.

There are many advantages to cruising, not least the fact that in the main they are an all-inclusive deal, so you don’t have to worry about food whilst you’re away. You may have to add on a drinks package, but even that should save you money compared to the cost of paying as you go. On top of this, cruise liners are often like mini holiday resorts, only a floating version, with countless entertainment options on board, making them a great way to experience a family holiday with a difference. Days at sea will not be boring, as you can entertain yourself in the pool, the spa perhaps, at one of many restaurants, coffee shops, bars, and pubs, head to the shops, work out at the gym, or catch a show. It makes you wonder how you’ll find the time to leave the ship for shore excursions!

Of course, the main part of going on a cruise is that you get to see snapshots of different destinations within a region, almost like a try before you buy kind of holiday. If you like somewhere enough, then you can book to go back there next time on a land-based break, safe in the knowledge that you’re going to like it and you’re not wasting your money on an unknown quantity.

So, where can you go?

Well, there are countless destinations and regions to cruise, and it all depends on your preferences. One of the most popular regions to cruise is without a doubt the Caribbean, and this is a popular choice for honeymoons too. The chance to take in several sun-drenched islands within the space of a week or a few days is a great idea, and you can easily combine it with a twin centre holiday, maybe spending some time in Florida before or afterwards.

Alternatively, during the summer months the Mediterranean is a very popular region to cruise. Italy, Croatia, Turkey, Greece – the list goes on, and you can experience the differences very easily by heading off on one of these cruises. Shore excursions are plentiful and because of the nature of the region, you can see history and architecture at every corner.

If however you’re looking for a spot of cruising sun during the winter months, the Canary Islands are ever popular, basking in sun and warm temperatures no matter what the month. This means you get to experience the different islands without having to choose which one you’re going to base yourself on!

Going further afield, how about cruising around Central America? This is a relatively undiscovered area for many visitors these days, but it is growing in popularity, and visiting such countries as Mexico, Belize, and Panama, to name just a few, will be a true holiday of a lifetime.

Put simply, cruising is an epic adventure, and one which comes with a falling price tag.

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