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Malaysia’s Best Beaches

Malaysia’s beaches are famous, it goes without saying. Stunning turquoise blue sea, amazing marine life, white sand, and swaying palms – this all comes as standard.

There are countless beaches around the various islands, so how do you know which are the best? You could argue that a beach is a beach, and whilst this is true, some are considerably better than others, and if you’re going to travel all that way, at least make it to somewhere that is worth every single air mile!

Here are a few you might like to consider visiting.


On the east coast, Redang is one of the most expensive, yet most popular resorts. The beach here is paradise, with fantastic snorkelling opportunities – you could even see sea turtles! It’s quite easy to get to Redang from Kuala Lumpur, making is a good travel opportunity.

Tioman Island

Part of several protected marine park islands, Tioman Island is perfect for experienced snorkelling and diving enthusiasts. Tioman Island is close to Singapore towards the southern part of the east coast and is a very popular area to visit. The beach? Well, think of the description we gave above about Malaysian beaches and double it; the sea is blinding, the sand equally so.


The most touristy island in Malaysia, situated on the west coast. The beaches here aren’t the best in the whole area, but I’ve included it because of how easy it is to visit, and even the beaches here are stunning compared to most other places! The best part of Langkawi is that is isn’t affected by the monsoon season, so it is open all year around.

Rawa Island

If you’re looking for secluded and quiet on your beach search then Rawa Island is the perfect choice. Situated on the east coast, Rawa Island is known for its blinding white sands and exclusive feel, due to there only being two resorts on the island. Chilled-out indeed!

Sapi Island

Just off the coast of downtown Kota Kinabalu, this is perfect for those who love to kick back and relax in a stunning setting, but also like to cool down with plentiful water sports. The other major plus for Sapi Island’s beaches is that they are quite shady in places, so for children, or for anyone who needs a break from the sometimes intense summer heat, this is a good choice.

Basically, think paradise, and you won’t be too far away from Malaysia’s beaches.

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