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A Weekend in Rome

The Italian capital is a city break dream. Getting around is easy by the local Metro system, which means it’s as simple as A,B,C to experience all the countless sights that Rome has to offer. If you only have a weekend however, what are the best things to focus on, and which can be missed? You don’t want to heading to the wrong parts and missing the best bits!

The Vatican City should be top of anyone’s list when visiting this historic and cultural city. In case you’ve been walking around with your eyes and ears closed since birth, the Vatican City is a walled city within Rome, and has a population of 842, which makes it the smallest independent state in the world. The Pope also famously appears here.

Landmark sightseeing goes on, with The Colosseum in the centre of Rome, the Trevi Fountain, where all your wishes could come true, the ancient Pantheon, and St Peter’s Basilica. These are of course just a handful of historic landmarks you simply have to visit whenever you head to this Italian giant of a city.

Once you’ve done your share of sightseeing, you’ll want to sit down at one of the many cosmopolitan pavement cafes and grab a drink, perhaps a cappuccino Italian style, and watch the world go by for a while, as you recharge your batteries. I shouldn’t have to talk too much about Italian cuisine, because it is arguably the best in the world, and here in its homeland, the tastes are simply to die for. Having a pizza in Rome is nothing like the greasy takeaway you end up frequenting after a night out back home, and instead is a taste sensation divine. Pasta dishes? Out of this world!

Italian style is timeless, so you will also be wanting to hit the shops. You won’t struggle to find a designer store to drool over, however Via del Corso is the famous shopping area, a mile long street which has the famous flagship Ferrari store, as well as boutique, department stores and high street shops, meaning there is something for every budget. You will also find outdoor flea markets and plenty of antique shops around too.

Nightlife Rome-style is a sophisticated affair, and countless nightclubs, bars, cafes, and restaurants await you for your evening’s entertainment.

Put simply, a weekend in Rome will be tiring, and you will need comfortable shoes, but you will come away with a camera full of amazing photos and a head full of memories, until your next visit.

Photo Credit: Bert Kaufmann via photopin cc

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