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Scandinavia’s Best Cities

We all know about the famous glistening fjords of Scandinavia, you might even have heard about the cruises that specialise in showcasing all that this beautiful part of the world has to offer, almost harping back to the Ice Age. Craggy mountains, reflective lakes, green landscapes, it’s really a photographer’s dream.

Scandinavia is of course made up of Denmark, Sweden and Norway, situated in the northern part of Europe. This picturesque region isn’t only full of naturally stunning sights, as there are some bustling and interesting cities to visit too. The capital cities of the three countries we mentioned are of course must visits, but there are a few different ones you might like to add to your visit list too.

Here’s a few to consider.


Sweden’s capital is a sophisticated and beautiful city, located in the south-eastern part of the country. Gamla Stan, or the Old Town, is a charming area, with castles, ancient, medieval alleyways and also home to one of the largest collections of museums in the world. It’s not all buildings either, as there are plenty of parks for a stroll, to inhale a lungful of that fresh Scandinavian air. Bright and vibrant nightlife and fantastic shopping opportunities make Stockholm a fantastic blend of historic and modern.


Another capital city, this time belonging to Denmark, Copenhagen is an internationally famous and extremely environmentally friendly city. Elegance oozes from each pore, with architecture, museums and galleries, waterways, pretty pastel coloured buildings, green parks, as well as the longest shopping street in Europe, the Stroget. Tivoli is a famous amusement park, and you can even head out to the nearby beaches if you want to escape city life for a few hours.


We’re getting the capitals out of the way here, this time we have Norway’s capital city. Internationally known as being an expensive city to visit, Oslo is the perfect combination of nature’s raw beauty and modern day architecture. Oslo does have a big city vibe, but you don’t have to squint your eyes too far to see the nearby fjords, green parks, and stunning natural landscapes.


Norway’s second largest city after Oslo is unfortunately one of the rainiest cities in the whole world! Simply pack an umbrella and head off and explore this pretty city, which faces the jaw-droppingly beautiful fjord of Byfjorden. The waterfront is the most famous part of the city, and it’s not hard to see why, with traditional Norwegian wooden houses lining the water.


Finally we have another Swedish city, located in the west of the country. This is Sweden’s second city and is bursting with historical architecture and culture. You will also find plenty of nature, with green parks and nature reserves. A true cosmopolitan vibe can be found with cafes lining the pavements and canals winding their way through the city.

Scandinavia is much more than hiking and outdoor lifestyle.

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