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The Big Contradiction – Welcome to Prague!

The advent of the low cost airline has made the world a much smaller place, which is nothing but great news for those who want to see more on a cheaper price tag. Most European cities are linked by airlines such as EasyJet, Ryanair, and Monarch for example, and one of those cities is Prague.

Known mainly for its cheap beer and as a stag do destination, Prague also has a magical side, one of total natural beauty and architecture to make fans weep. It is easy to go to Prague for the weekend, as a break from the grind at work, and the lower cost certainly ticks those boxes.

Prague is a dream for anyone who dreams of visiting a city that is steeped in medieval history, boasting the biggest ancient castle in the world, the famous Astronomical Clock, and more old bridges than you will see anywhere else in the world. It is a magical city, one which also blends with vibrant night-life and modern city ways.

Of course, Prague is also known for romance, and the Vlatva River is a magical place to visit – many a couple have agreed to marriage at this site, witnessed by the elegant swans floating by. The bridges and elegant architecture add to this vibe.

On the other hand, we can’t deny the fact that more and more stag dos choose Prague as their choice of destination. There are many reasons for this, but the main one is the fact that beer is extremely cheap! There are many nightclubs and bars to more than fill a weekend of boozing, and again, the cheap flights make the whole thing obvious.

Prague is quite walkable, so whether you’re visiting as a couple, group, or stag do, it’s easy to get out and explore. Winter is a particularly magical time to visit, when snow sits on the ground, however it never lasts for too long. Summer can be overwhelming when heatwaves hit, yet spring and autumn are perfect times to put your walking shoes on and explore.

What is there to see? Lots!

The Old Town is the medieval part of the city, but the New Town is just as fantastic, with the famous Wenceslas Square is a wonderful place to shop, drink, eat, and people watch. Prague Castle is of course the biggest ancient castle in the world, and checking out the buskers in the Old Town is a must do. The Astronomical Clock is famous, and if you’re visiting in winter, be sure to check out the Christmas markets.

On rainy and cold days, there are plenty of indoor activities, such as museums and galleries, and there is also Prague Zoo to check out. Shoppers will also love Palladium, a huge shopping mall full of every kind of store you could want.

Put simply, Prague is a contradiction of old and new, but a wonderful one, and somewhere everyone should see at least once in their lives.

Convinced yet?

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