Advantages in Traveling with a Partner vs. Going Solo

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Advantages in Traveling with a Partner vs. Going Solo

There are benefits of traveling solo, but exploring the world with someone special can be a unique and amazing experience. Whether it is sitting at a pavement café on a city break, or a long-term backpacking adventure with your sweetheart, both of you will enjoy a few perks and learn tons of life lessons along the way.

Here are some of those advantages.

Safety in numbers

Travelling with a partner can be safer, especially if you are going off the beaten track. Visiting new places and meeting different people are fantastic activities, but unforeseen things do happen, and sometimes, two heads are better than one in sorting problems out. There may be countries you would not feel safe when travelling to on your own, but you will feel confident in exploring these locations if you have got your back covered by a romantic partner. Your experiences could be great on your own, yet better as a twosome.

Sharing costs

If you are budget-conscious, exploring can be cheaper and easier when you split the costs of transportation, accommodation and food between two. In many places, a double room costs only a little bit more than a single. You can save money by sharing items such as guidebooks, a camera, mobile phone and first aid kit. It is also a given that the cost of car hire and taxi rides will be split in half.

Sharing the experience

While single holidays give you the freedom to do what you want, whenever you want it, it can get a bit lonely sometimes. Even the most outgoing person will yearn for someone to share experiences with, and having someone you love by your side will create memories to last a lifetime. When you get home, the two of you can look back and relive your adventures by sharing observations and pouring over the hundreds of photos you took.

Someone to care for you if you are unwell

People do get unwell when travelling, so it is comforting to know that someone you love and trust will take care of you if something happens. You would not worry about moving around, since he or she would be willing to be your bodily extension until you get better. You can also ask for chicken soup and a hug, and not be judged as clingy.

Trying new things

Your trip could be more exciting if you are travelling as a couple because there are a lot of different things to see and do for both. You could end up going somewhere new and trying something that you never dreamed of doing, just because your partner suggested it.

There are some gorgeous places on Earth to explore as a couple. Here are a few suggestions:

* Croatia is good value for money destination. If you and your partner are Game of Thrones (GoT) fanatics, the fabulous Dubrovnik is used as King’s Landing in the hit HBO TV series.

*Take a romantic walk on the wild side in South Africa. Whether you are looking forward to see the big five on a safari, or hang out with celebrities on Camps Bay beach in Cape Town, the Rainbow Nation offers a lot of interesting sights and activities for you and your partner. The busiest and most expensive months are from December to February, but at other times, prices are down and crowds are fewer.

* If you want seclusion and connection with Mother Nature, the spiritual and dramatic beauty of the Scottish highlands could be perfect for your intimate getaway. B&Bs and hostels are reasonable in this area.

Photo Credit: Hank James

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