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How to find that cheap holiday deal

It’s not as hard as you think!

Money certainly does not grow on trees, and in these hard times we are all forced to tighten our belts a little, and look towards finding bargains for those extras in life that we class as luxuries.

Now, when it comes to travel and holidays, I personally don’t believe that these two items should fall into the ‘luxury’ category, because time away as a family is a child’s right, and time away to explore this big wide world is just as important.

It’s for this reason I have found many different tricks to grab that cheap holiday deal, meaning more holidays, more time away, and no need to forego your holiday for another year.

It’s a little about being clever and going around the houses slightly, but bear with me.

Shop online and shop around

Online is undoubtedly where the best deals are, and shopping around is your best bet. Look at it this way, you wouldn’t dream of buying a car without first having a look at where the best prices are, right? Well, dedicate the same line of thinking to your holiday. There are countless sites online where you will find holidays to suit your needs; visit to tailor-make your holiday to your requirements, and see how cheap you can grab it.

Package holiday or DIY?

Sometimes booking your flight, accommodation, and transfers separately can yield cheaper results than booking a package holiday, and sometimes it can work out a little more. Again, this is a case of playing around with figures and seeing which one comes out cheaper. If it does work out less to go the DIY way around things, don’t be afraid to do it. Provided you use reputable companies and you print out your confirmations, remembering to insure your holiday too, then you should be more than fine, and should have a little spare in your pocket at the end of it.

Consider flying indirect

If you are booking your holiday in a DIY fashion, don’t totally rule out the idea of flying indirect. Head online again to find out the cheapest way to fly, and if it doesn’t add too much extra time or hassle onto your travel day, then why not go indirect if it saves money? I’ve done it before and arriving two or three hours later didn’t bother me when I had over £100 left in my pocket. Again, shop around.

Be flexible

This is probably the most important piece of advice to give. If you are rigid in your search requirements then you’re not going to find as many deals as if you’re willing to bend a little. How about heading away for eight days instead of seven? This might sound ridiculous but it sometimes works out cheaper, especially if your flights avoid the peak weekend days. Open your accommodation search up to self-catering as well as other board options too, and look at travelling towards the beginning and end of the summer season, to avoid the peak months if at all possible.

Grabbing a cheap deal is possible, it simply takes a little thinking outside of the box.

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