The Burning Man Festival: What’s the Deal?

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The Burning Man Festival: What’s the Deal?

So you’ve heard of various festivals held all around the world at particular times of the year or month, such as Thailand with its Full Moon Party, the famous Glastonbury Festival during July in England, and other equally as iconic and famous gatherings to go to. Most of these are hard to attend in some ways, due to tickets or crowds, but one festival that you might not be aware of and one that isn’t that hard to visit, if you’re in the area of course, is the Burning Man Festival.

Now before you start worrying about being set alight and other various fire-like visions, worry not!

The Burning Man Festival is now run by a non-profit organisation, designed (with plenty of history, of course), to allow visitors to show self-expression through art, and it’s all held to showcase the true spirit of community. It is a very peaceful and expressive festival, and one that takes place once per year. It also takes its name from the iconic burning effigy that is set alight on the Saturday evening of the festival. This is made of wood, and hence the ‘burning man’.

The Burning Man Festival takes place in the week leading up to, and also including, Labor Day in the USA. Held in the Black Rock Desert in Nevada, you’re looking at a pretty spectacular and quite harsh environment for this festival to be held in, but that’s really the point of it, because I’m sure if it was held in a back garden or a field somewhere easy to reach, it wouldn’t be half as special.

We mentioned earlier that the festival is run by a non-profit organisation, called the Black Rock Organisation, and it’s this organisation that put together and oversee proceedings. The ethos is about community and bringing people together, allowing safe and happy self-expression through art and self-reliance. It might all sound a little hard to understand, and you might not really ‘get it’, but thousands of visitors every year certainly do, and it has been running since 1986, so you can see how popular and stable the Burning Man Festival continues to be.

One of the main points of the festival is looking after the environment, and once the festival is done, no trace of it ever being there is shown. Everything is cleaned, everything is moved, and no rubbish or litter is left. Looking after this stunning, albeit harsh, part of the world is one of the points on the mission statement of the organisation.

Whilst some festivals and events might not be as famous as others, amongst the community of regular goers, their particular festival is the most important to them and iconic in their lives – this is what the Burning Man Festival is to the people who attend.

Photo Credit: Michael Holden via photopin cc

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