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Where to Party in Cancun

Mexico’s sun-drenched resorts are not only becoming massively popular, but one particular resort has become the first choice go-to for sun, fun, and plenty of bright and vibrant night-life. We are of course talking about Cancun.

The problem, which I have to say isn’t particularly a terrible problem, is that Cancun is huge, and because of that, how do you know where the hottest party is? You don’t want to be missing out on something, whilst you’re busy getting lost, or trying to decide whether someone’s opinion is a good choice or not.

The best way around this is to do your research before you go, so when you arrive in the hot Mexican sun, and the stars come out, you know where to head to party ‘til dawn, and you know the best places to head.

The night-life culture in Cancun is mixed, so you can choose between massive night-clubs, regular bars, cocktail bars, and the popular but rather expensive lounges, which you will find plenty of dotted around. Bear in mind that the drinking age in Cancun is 18, which explains why so many Americans on spring break holidays head here! Most of the best bars and clubs are in the Punta Cancun area.

Most bars close around 1am or 2am, and you can choose to either pay for your drink as you go, or run up a tab and pay at the end of the evening, or when you leave the bar. It depends how long you’re staying in that particular place as to which choice you make.

Let’s talk nightclubs first. Okay, so you will find many but five of the most popular are Coco Bongo, The City, Mandala, Dady ‘O and Palazzo. You’ll find these clubs all play different kinds of music, so you can find any kind of tune to suit your preference – again, it’s all down to research.

If you prefer to sit in a bar with music and bob along in your chair, or maybe just get up for a dance or two, then Senior Frogs and Carlos N Charlie’s are good choices, but again there are countless bars dotted around, especially in the Hotel Zone, meaning it’s easy to wobble back to your room.

If you’re searching for something a little more sophisticated then you can head to one of the lounges we were talking about earlier. Now, bear in mind that for sophistication, you have to pay sophisticated prices, so if you’re on a budget this might not be the best option for you.

Put simply, in Cancun there is a party on every corner, so you’re never going to have to walk far to find somewhere to sit and drink yourself into a stupor, and it all depends on what kind of scene you’re after.

Photo Credit: Roozbeh Rokni via photopin cc

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