Why Cornwall Should Be Your Next Holiday Destination

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Why Cornwall Should Be Your Next Holiday Destination

The good old English seaside is a holiday experience like no other. Punch & Judy shows, sticks of candy rock, fish & chips, paddling in the sea, and that salty taste in the air – there truly is no other image which sums up the summer in England quite so well.

Of course, the entire coastline is packed with resorts, but one of the most iconic areas of the country where holidays are concerned is certainly Cornwall.

Historic, beautiful, dramatic, scenic, and full of resorts which tick many different boxes, Cornwall is a destination which will give you everything you want from your family holiday.

If you want action packed and loud, check out Newquay with its surfer-dude vibe, and if you want quaint and scenic, make sure you don’t pass St Ives by. If you want somewhere iconic then you need to be looking towards visiting Tintagel for the day, and never miss an opportunity to have your photo taken at Land’s End. These are just a few destinations in a beautiful part of the country, full of friendly locals, delicious food, wonderful wildlife, and dramatic, there’s that word again, scenery to make your jaw drop. On top of all this, the beaches in Cornwall are without a doubt some of the best in the country, and the slightly warmer climate here means you’re more likely to be walking around in shorts and a t-shirt!

When it comes to family holidays, Cornwall is the ideal destination, and if you choose to stay with the family in a Cornwall holiday park then you know you’re more than catered for. These parks are like resorts in their own right, with swimming pools, fun activities, sporting games, kids’ clubs, and evening entertainment for everyone; on top of this you are treated to comfortable accommodation for the duration of your stay. It makes you wonder why you’d actually choose to venture out, but you must do this, because the area is without a doubt worth a major exploration.

Cornwall is very easy to reach from the rest of the UK, and Newquay also has a domestic airport, meaning you can fly from major hubs such as London and Manchester, without having to drive or catch the train. If you do go by road or rail however, the links are plentiful and regular, especially during the summer months.

With the cost of summer holidays abroad on the rise, especially during the children’s school holiday peak months, it’s no wonder that more and more people are choosing to stay either at home in the UK, or are looking to the UK as a holiday destination. Yes, the weather may not be as guaranteed as say Spain, Turkey, or Greece, but that uncertainty adds a certain edge, and there is more than enough to occupy and compensate for that fact with what lies in and around the area.

Cornwall is beauty with a capital B, and heading out into the great outdoors and filling your lungs with fresh, ocean air is certainly a must do this coming summer.

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