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New Zealand’s Best Mountain Treks

New Zealand is world famous for being the adventure sports capital of the world; whether you fancy bungee jumping, abseiling, or skydiving, you can find the world’s biggest in general in New Zealand. It’s no surprise that the landscapes that accompany these activities are dramatic to say the least, with huge mountains, fjords, forests and mystical waterfalls. The Land of the Long White Cloud packs a serious punch in terms of natural activities.

New Zealand’s mountains make for some fantastic treks, and whether you’re a new trekker, or a more experienced one, taking your time and finding the perfect trek is key, as well as taking the necessary safety precautions. Below you’ll find four of the most popular mountain treks in New Zealand, which one will you pick?

Mueller Hut Route, Mount Cook National Park, South Island

A good overnight route, Mount Cook National Park showcases the snow-capped peaks of Mount Cook perfectly, reaching 12316 ft. Here you’ll find luminous blue glacier pools, rough terrain, amazing sunset views, and a steep three mile hike along the valley floor. For sheer amazing scenery this is a must do, number one hike

Milford Track, South Island

Fjordland is the country’s largest and most famous national park. This three or four day trek takes you through historic Maori land, through mountains, fjords, Lake Te Anau, all the way to Milford Sound. This is a hugely popular route, for very good reason.

Heaphy Track, South Island

Around five days is the duration of this particular trek, which is easily accessible all year around, although bear in mind that snow during the winter months can make it a little harder, and slow you down. You will reach heights of up to 80km at the most, and pass through stunning landscapes of beaches, forests and alpine herb fields.

Tongariro Northern Circuit, North Island

Whilst most of the best mountain treks are on the South Island, this particular one is based on the North Island, and is hugely popular, taking you through active volcanic landscapes, lava formations and geysers. Taking three to four days, you will begin your journey at the foot of Mount Ruapehu. Best undertaken from November to March, you will pass through some of the landscapes used during the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

A detailed search will show up several other fantastic treks, but for sheer landscape drama, these four should be at the top of your list.

Photo Credit: EverExplore via photopin cc

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