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How To Do Luxury on the Cheap

You don’t have to slum it when you book a total bargain of a holiday, in fact there are plenty of ways you can enjoy your holiday in comfort and/or luxury without the price tag. How? Well, it’s simply a case of knowing where to look, cutting a few costs and corners, and going with the right mind-set.

Check out these suggestions.

Airport hotels

Arriving at the airport stressed and tired is going to mean arguments, tantrums, and basically a rather poor start to a holiday. This is why I book an airport hotel and start my break in a rested manner, safe in the knowledge that I’m right where I need to be. I also like to throw in a nice meal in the evening, a few drinks, maybe even a massage in the hotel spa, if it has one. This is a great way to add luxury onto a break, and you won’t struggle to find a range of hotels to suit your needs. Nobody misses out on this extra, as it is a nationwide service, with Dublin Airport hotels available for those flying from Ireland too.

Celebrate special occasions

If it’s a special occasion whilst you’re away, such as a birthday, anniversary, or even an engagement, make sure you let everyone know about it! If you don’t ask, you don’t get, and you might find you get a free drink, a cake, or some other perk or upgrade thrown in for good measure. Go on, be a little cheeky!

Book the best accommodation within your budget

Head online to book your hotel or apartment, as this is where you’ll find most in the way of choice. If youlook hard enough, or you wait until the last minute, most large hotels will sell off their rooms cheaper the closer it gets to the date, because they would rather sell them at a lower cost than have them empty. If you can find a swanky hotel doing this, then you could bag yourself a posh room for a lower price tag!

Seek out culture and differences

3Making a holiday about something other than chilling out on the beach is a great way to make it memorable in all the right ways. Most large holiday destinations the world over have areas of natural, cultural, or historical importance close by, and there are usually trips that will take you there and show you the sights. Make sure you throw some of this into your break, to give you an overview of where you’re going, and to give you more fuel for the memory bank.

It’s all in the small details

If we’re talking romance, or simply making a break special, remember that it’s the small details that count more than the big gestures. It could be as simple as filling your room with flowers, having a nice dinner on the balcony whilst the sun sets, or simply focusing your mind on the positives, rather than the negatives.

Making a holiday luxurious isn’t always about huge spa complexes and slap up dinners, it can be about comfort, enjoyment, and fun, and these things don’t always come with a massive price tag attached.

Photo credits – Dennis Wong on Flickr & Emiliano De Laurentiis on Flickr

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