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Lost in London?

Whenever you travel to a new and exciting city, there is always the worry of how you’re going to get around. You don’t want to be spending excessive amounts of time heading in the wrong direction and missing out on the good stuff, but you don’t want to chance it and get lost either. The answer? Do your research well ahead of time, and make sure you are totally au fait with the ways and means of getting around your destination.

Most large cities have comprehensive public transport networks, and these are inexpensive and easy to use, provided you have a little basic knowledge of how it all works!

If you are heading to London, you have many different options in terms of getting from your hotel to the various places of interest, and whilst the city is sprawling and large, most points are easily connected.

It all really depends on how you want to get around – do you want to use public transport, or do you want to go a little more private? You could hire a limo if you really wanted to up the glamour stakes, either to pick you up or take you to the airport, or simply to ferry you around the sights for the day. Your London car service will have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to the capital’s roads, which takes the stress out of the day, and adds in the sparkle.

Of course, London is known for The Underground, also known as The Tube. This is a high speed train network which links all parts of the city, and as the name suggests, runs underground. There’s no denying that The Tube is the most iconic way to get around, but you need to be aware that during commuter times in particular, it can get super busy – it’s an experience regardless! In order to use this method of transport you will need to purchase a top up Oyster Card, which will allow you access into the station and onto the trains for as long as your credit lasts.

If you want to use the famous red London buses, these need to be pre-paid too, using either an Oyster Card or by using a contactless debit or credit card payment system. The downside of using the bus is obviously the traffic, and at certain times of the day the capital’s roads are gridlocked with people heading to and from work, so bear that in mind!

Your final option is probably to use a taxi. Now, this is the most expensive of the public transport options, but it is going to get you a more bespoke service, because you are going from door to door. Again, busy times mean your taxi fare is going to be higher, but London taxi drivers certainly know the roads very well!

As you can see, you have many options, and it’s simply a case of doing your research ahead of time.

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