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The Freedom of a Motorcycle, the Wonder of Thailand

Motorcycle tours are iconic in their own right, and have long been the method of choice when it comes to heading off with the wind in the hair, complete and utter freedom to the front view, and no cares cast behind. Put simply, there is nothing more refreshing, relaxing, and reinvigorating than a road trip on two weeks.

Now, let’s bring Thailand into the fore.

Thailand is a country which is very well visited. Whether you think about Bangkok and the huge city life, the idyllic but party-mad islands, or the other side of the country, the more traditional, authentic, and cultural side, there’s no denying that we are talking about a land which is vibrant, large, varied, and certainly worth an exploration.

How can you explore such a place in the right way?

Well, you could backpack, as many people do; you could visit a few places as part of an organised holiday; you could trek if you feel like being energetic, or you could go down a slightly different route and throw in a favourite pastime –  a motorcycle tour.

There are many advantages to such a trip, but you only have to think about the two points we’ve made so far – the stress-free, freedom-inducing feel of a motorcycle adventure, and the destination at hand; what better blend?

Vintage Rides are experienced in organising guided motorcycle tours in Thailand, offering a wealth of knowledge to pass onto visitors. Many tours begin in Chiang Mai, a true destination to explore alone, before heading to Pai, the true mountainous and mystical north of the country. It is on these tours that you will truly get to see the authentic and traditional way of life in Thailand, away from the neon-lit party destinations found on the islands of Koh Samui or Phuket; of course, there is nothing wrong with letting your hair down in such a destination, but truly experiencing Thailand means truly experiencing its real culture and traditions, the ones which go back centuries.

All guides are English speaking, accommodation is organised, and your tour will take you through the highlights of the area, without you having to navigate yourself by map.

Thailand is a place you can truly find yourself, as deep and meaningful as that may sound; ask anyone who has visited the ‘other’ side of the country, the real heart of it, and you will be told the same thing – there is something about Thailand that really will cast your cares away, and when you can explore it in such a free and easy way, the effects are more than doubled.

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