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Welcome to Heaven on Earth


There are many destinations the world over who claim to have a landscape and experience for visitors which will cater to every whim, something which can be described perhaps as “Castaway”, or even heavenly, however, few of those destinations actually live up to the bill they have been named with.

Despite that fact, there is one which certainly ticks all of those boxes – welcome to Bali!

When you picture Bali, I’m sure you have that famous image of those bungalows over the crystal clear sea come into your mind, and that would certainly be a true representation of the paradise which Bali encompasses. Having said that however, there is certainly more to this Indonesian region than chilling the hell out in stunning surroundings, and there is plenty of culture to be experienced also.

Finding the best accommodation for your visit is key, because as the image in your head would suggest, you need to be rested and relaxed when you visit this source of heavenly paradise, so you need accommodation to reflect your needs. You can easily head online to find the best room to stay during your visit, such as the Conrad Bali for example, which certainly caters for the rest and relaxation part of your stay, as well as being affordable and luxurious at the same time.

conrad bali

Bali is widely known as the Island of the Gods, and one visit will show you exactly why. You will stumble upon varied landscapes, including mountains, rugged cliffs and coastal regions, as well as those stunning white sand beaches, and volcanic countryside. On top of this, Bali is known for its culture and spiritual side, with many retreats available for those who want to get away from it all and find serenity in spirituality and nature.

Honeymooners love Bali, because of the scenery, but there are also fantastic opportunities for amazing surfing and diving too. You don’t have to be rich to visit here, as there are many backpacking routes, so Bali really is a destination which caters for all whims.

Southern Bali is where most of the visitors tend to flock, and you can choose between touristic and upmarket here, with Kuta Beach being the most developed and touristic part of the region, and Seminyak being the more upmarket choice. Those wanting to find those aforementioned world class diving opportunities should head to the south-eastern islands, such as Nusa Ceningan or Nusa Penida, to name just two. Surfing is fantastic at Kuta Beach, and this is where you will find many backpackers also, including lower priced accommodation options.


Exploring Bali’s many different regions is certainly something every visitor to Indonesia should put on their to-do list, and whether you simply kick back and relax with a cocktail in hand, checking out that breath-taking sunset, or whether you turn all explorer, and head inland to the countryside, or visit the volcanic coastline, Bali is certainly a very varied slice of heaven.

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